Horace the Haggis

Horace and the Haggis Hunter, Black and White Publishing, 2012 (illustrated by Norman Stone)

haggis hunter

Horace the Haggis, homeless and hunted, finds refuge among the animals of Acre Valley. But Angus McPhee, chief of the haggis hunters, and his deadly cat are out to trap him. Can a flower-eating fox, a loyal mouse, a gossipy rook, two magpies on Twitter and the bumbling efforts of the Mole Patrol help Horace escape before he is caught in a net and boiled for dinner? With his bagpipes (which, to the alarm of his new friends, he has just begun learning), his trusty hair gel and his fondness for eating heather, Horace will find a place in any child’s heart. Illustrated by the author’s husband and based on ideas from their own children, this is a family book for other families to enjoy.

Horace the Haggis and the Ghost Dog, Black and White, 2013 (illustrated by Norman Stone)

ghost dog

In this second book of adventures all the old Acre Valley friends are back – Martha Mouse, Ferdy Fox, Major Mole, Ronald Rook and, of course, Stacey and Tracey, the Tweeting magpies. Horace’s arch-enemy, The Cat With No Name, is never far away either, along with her fearsome allies Skull, Fang and NeedletoothWhen the moon is full and the sky lights up with fire, beware the Ghost Dog. Pity nobody told Horace the Haggis.  Be Very Scared.

Horace the Haggis and the Christmas Mystery, Black and White, 2014 (illustrated by Norman Stone)


 Introducing the scariest, wildest, funniest family in Acre Valley, and a new friend for Martha Mouse. Watch out, too, for another danger lurking in the snow.  What has happened to Martha, Ferdy, Dijon, Doc Leaf and Professor Nut? Can Horace and Major Mole find them in time? And what if the dreaded Don Volio should discover our lovable hero in the Darkling Forest with only his hair-gel for a weapon?  Horace’s two oldest enemies are also back – and they badly want haggis for their Christmas dinner.

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