Family Life

Family Life, Harper Collins, 1999


BLURB: An enchanting portrait of the trials and triumphs of family life, which parents will recognise with a wry smile.

Sally Magnusson lives with her husband and five children in Scotland. This book begins soon after the birth of the fifth child and continues through holidays, Christmas plays, pets, children, goldfish and how long it takes for a quarrel to start in a car. Family Life is written with verve, humour and pithy accuracy.


“A real, breathing portrait of life in a large and living family… Cunningly astute commentary on parenthood and more scenes of hilarity than any modern sitcom.” (The Scotsman)

“There is a particular skill in writing in an entertaining fashion about domesticity and not many people have it. Sally Magnusson is a glorious exception and hurrah! for that. The important gift that she  brings to her subject is an ability to appeal beyond her natural audience. It isn’t just mothers who will want to read her because she is reflecting their own interests. You will want to read her because she writes well and because she is funny. Best of all is the fact that there are lots of laughs here. The tears of mirth ran down my face and I was obliged to put the book down and blow my nose. What greater commendation could there be?’   (The Herald)

Set to do for motherhood what Bridget Jones’ Diary did for the 30-somethings.” (Daily Express)

“Sally Magnusson has the knack of writing about her experiences in a humorous way, despite the fact that it could not have been remotely funny at the time. Sit back and enjoy.” (Oxford Times)

“Full of warmth, humour and commonsense, by a born story-teller.” (Carousel)

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